We Are Not Slaves


In 1315, Louis X king of France published a decree that any slave setting foot on the French ground should be freed. The anti-slavery sentiment was widespread by the late 18th century and slavery was declared illegal in 1948 under the universal declaration of human rights.

This is the techno era and the literacy rates are almost high all over the world except few countries but still the ‘Slavery’ exists. You might not believe in it but it does and we can find it easily around us. In fact, it transformed its shape timely. The more we became educated the more slavery modernized its shape. In our childhood we were told that read, write and be mayor so, we did even more by securing professional and modern education. After completing education, we look for starting a professional career according to our educational degree or professional certification not to live a luxurious but of course a good life.

We go through various searches and tactics to find an opportunity for starting career. We get shortlisted, get interview call and get selected for a specific job or position. What happy moments are those when have our offer letter in hands, aren’t? But certainly not for all but for the most, those are the moments of becoming a modern slave in that organization or company.

Companies do hire people but transform them into slaves with the application of modern tactics and strategies known as ‘Policy and procedure’. In the initial stage we are interviewed, selected and hired for specific responsibilities and duties for which we agree on pay. Then JD (Job description) are presented to us to be filed after sign. I am sure you also have gone through such process and have noticed the last line of the responsibilities list in the JD ‘To perform any other task assigned/required by the line manager’. This is the point likewise a chain in our neck and handcuffs where we do extra and other duties other than the jobs we are hired for. In addition, we are also blackmailed or threatened with warning letter for not following instructions, huh! Our seniors yell at us in meetings even though no mistakes are done but just to show us that they are seniors. The way they talk to us is clearly reminding us that we are not the staff but their slaves. I have personally gone through such experiences by working with various organizations.

In slavery the person does not have a free choice and forced to work or perform activities and the same is even in this era as aforementioned. This is the modern form of slavery in this highly educated and advanced world. We do raise voice against the anti-slavery but do not look around. We do not appreciate slavery system but still we practice such systems in our well-known organizations and companies. We are educated and professionals but still we love to have our juniors not only employees but slaves.

We must stop this kind of human trafficking and blackmailing in our offices and workplaces. We must treat our juniors as team and human not slaves. We go through the teamwork trainings in order to improve our business, profitability and productivity so, we must consider the same outcome in humanity. Let’s take it also as our premier responsibility as employee to confine and condemn such behavior by not accepting such points to restrain slavery because we are employees not slaves.

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